Terms and Conditions

Do not accept booking without first understanding and agreeing to the outlined Terms and Conditions provided.

Travel Agent Role
Escapere, as well as any affiliated entities, serves solely as a travel agent. Working on behalf of multiple transport and accommodation/transport service providers, including but not limited to airlines, cruise line operators, rail, and coach, we sell different travel-related products. Escapere does not own, manage, control, or operate independent suppliers of such services, nor are we liable for their omissions and actions.

Our obligation is to create travel bookings on the customer’s behalf and arrange for relevant contracts between the customer and respective travel service provider. At no time is Escapere responsible for actual services provided. We do not have authority to offer a warranty, serve as a representative of service provider standards, or guarantee requests. All bookings are subject to the outlined Terms and Conditions, as well as liability limitations imposed by various travel service providers. Any legal recourse is directed at the respective travel service provider, not Escapere or its affiliated entities.

Emergency 24-Hour Support
Escapere (www.escapere.com) offers customers emergency support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If facing an emergency within 24 hours of departure or while traveling within the United States, please call the toll-free number (number). If outside of the United States, you can reach our support team at (number).

Booking Cancellation
In most instances, travel bookings are nonrefundable. When bookings are cancelled, charges up to 100 percent of the cost will incur, regardless of whether travel commenced. If we incur liability for charges on a booking that you cancelled, including a cancellation fee, you agree to indemnify Escapere for the full amount.

Additional Baggage Fees
To determine additional baggage fees, you need to contact the airline you’re traveling on or visit their website. For additional information on baggage fees, please visit Escapere’s website at www.escapere.com.

Full and Final Payment
Until you complete full payment for travel, prices are subject to increase. Once full payment is made, no price increase will occur, with the exception of charges for government-imposed fees or taxes, as well as surcharges imposed by the airline carrier. By booking through Escapere, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms.
For certain bookings, you may be required to make a nonrefundable deposit. The final payment for travel must be made no less than 60 days prior to departure unless noted otherwise. At the time of booking, you may need to pay certain services and/or airfares in full. Escapere accepts certain debit and credit cards at www.escapere.com, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, and Discover. Specific to credit card payments, we may require you to read and sign a charge form.

Credit Card Transactions
If a travel service provider is unable to provide services for which you contracted, regardless of the reason, you need to contact the respective travel service provider directly as opposed to Escapere. If the credit card payment was made through our website, you agree not to request a charge-back for the payment from the credit card issuer. You also agree to be liable for any costs incurred by Escapere, including but not limited to attorney fees for recovering payments charged back by the issuing credit card company. For a declined credit card payment, you guarantee to settle amounts owing to Escapere immediately with cash or money order.

Travel Insurance
Although we strongly suggest that you purchase travel accident and trip cancellation insurance for optimal protection, no representation or description of the recommended insurance constitutes a legally binding assurance or promise of insurance by Escapere. To secure a travel insurance policy, you must complete, sign, and return the form to us. To reject travel insurance, you must accept a disclaimer. Escapere is not an insurance company and has zero responsibility for the submission, payment, or adjustment of claims. As outlined in the policy, any claims under the travel insurance policy secured must be submitted to the insurance company for processing.

Additional Fees
Rental car agencies, hotels, and other suppliers of services may charge local taxes and surcharges, including surcharges imposed by the airline carrier, that cannot be pre-collected.
Our entire staff works exceptionally hard to ensure your satisfaction with travel arrangements. However, Escapere and its affiliated entities, including their shareholders, employees, officers, directors, subsidiaries, agents, assigns, and successors, do not own or operate any entity that provides services and goods for your travel, including but not limited to airline, motor coach, lodging facilities, vessel, local ground operators, or other transportation companies, as well as guide(s) services, optional excursion organizers/providers, and food service providers, among others. Working as independent contractors, these persons and entities have no affiliation with Escapere.
We are not liable for any willful or negligent act, or failure to act, of any travel service provider or third party. In addition to but without limitation, Escapere is not responsible for injury, death, loss, delay, inconvenience, or damage to a person or property in connection with the provision of services and/or goods, regardless of whether it results from but not limited to force majeure or acts of God, disease, illness, animals, labor activities/strikes, civil unrest or acts of war, revolt or insurrection, terrorist or criminal activity of any type, accommodation downgrading or overbooking, airplane or other transportation mechanical or other failure, or transportation mechanism failure for on-time arrival and departure.
You should also be advised that US standards may not be met at some foreign facilities, including hotels, motor coaches, and public places. If required to stay an additional night(s) due to flight schedules, weather, and other uncontrollable factors, you are solely responsible for expenses relating to hotel, meals, and transfer. You are also responsible for your baggage.
The use of the Escapere name as depicted on vehicles, around the hotel, or in other locations is for identification purposes only and does not in any way denote ownership, control, or supervision of the company. Tour prices, including foreign exchange rates, are based on current rates at the time of printing, and are therefore subject to change without notice. In circumstances when liability cannot be excluded, the value is limited to the purchased travel arrangement. You agree that Escapere and its affiliated entities are not liable for any consequential damage or loss.

Valid Identification
If traveling to a destination outside of the United States, you are mandated to have a valid passport. All valid travel documentation is your responsibility, including the passport as well as visa for meeting immigration and other government authorities’ requirements at each destination. It is also your responsibility to check with the US Department of State or other government agencies in the country you’re traveling to for determining which forms of legal documentation are required for entry. Failure to obtain information and secure the required documents is your responsibility.
For travel within the United States, you need government-issued identification. Be aware that in 2016, the US Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), which falls under Homeland Security, will stop allowing nine states to use driver’s licenses as identification for air travel. These states include Alaska, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington state, as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. If you are from one of these states, you will be required to present a passport in lieu of a driver’s license for all domestic flights in the United States, regardless of departure and arrival airport. You are also fully responsible for any penalties, fines, expenditures, or payments incurred from failing to meet the requirements.

Travel Documentation
To confirm an arrangement with a travel service provider, you must have certain documents, including but not limited to airline ticket, tour voucher, hotel receipt/voucher, and other documents, whether in hardcopy or electronic form. These documents may be restricted or subject to certain conditions, including but without limitation to non-changeable date, nonrefundable price, amendment fees, and/or cancellation fees. You cannot transfer any travel documents to another individual for use. Airline tickets are issued in the name of the photo identification or passport holder only. If the name is incorrect, regardless of booking, that booking is cancelled, and thereby void. Even if you are not advised at the time of booking of an incorrect name, travel time, or travel date on documentation, you are solely responsible.

Special Requirements
Please be sure to make Escapere aware of any special requirements for your travel destination, including health, meals, and so on. For certain destinations, you are required to and therefore responsible for carrying necessary documentation for proof of vaccination, as well as prescription medication.

International Flights
Under international law, to protect public health, as well as the environment and agriculture in certain countries, the aircraft may be sprayed with an insecticide prior to boarding or while on the aircraft waiting for departure. For additional information, please check the US Department of Transport disinsection website.

Refusal of Service
Travel service providers reserve the right to refuse service to travelers. Escapere and its affiliated entities assume no liability for any traveler being refused service by a travel provider. The right to refuse service is at the discretion of each provider, including but not limited to various situations such as:
· The traveler does not possess proper documentation for the country of destination
· The traveler is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
· The traveler has a contagious disease
· The traveler displays an erratic, unruly, and/or disruptive behavior